Nomination Committee for Concordia Maritime AB’s AGM 2024 appointed

In accordance with the principles for the appointment of the nomination committee that were established at Concordia Maritime's annual general meeting 2022, the nomination committee shall have three members and consist of representatives of the two largest shareholders by number of votes as of the last banking day in August of the year before the annual general meeting, as well as the chairman of the board.

In accordance with this, the following members have been appointed to be part of the nomination committee for the time until a new nomination committee is appointed:

Stefan Brocker, chairman of the board
Peter Edwall, representing himself
Karl Swartling, chairman of the election committee, appointed by Stena Sessan

The nomination committee will prepare proposals for the annual general meeting on 14 May 2024 regarding, among other things, chairman of the meeting, board members, chairman of the board, the board's remuneration, auditor, auditor's fee and, if necessary, principles for appointing a nomination committee.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee can do so no later than March 26, 2024 by mail to:

The nomination committee in Concordia Maritime AB (publ)
Stefan Brocker
405 19 Gothenburg