Stena donates tanker model to the Musée National de la Marine in Paris, highlighting safe maritime practices and clean oceans

Participating in the ceremony at the Musée National de la Marine were executives from the Stena Sphere, Total’s Shipping Division, BRS (Barry Rogliano Salles), Musée National de la Marine and the Swedish Ambassador in Paris, as well as other representatives from the French and Swedish business communities.

Like its nine sister vessels, the product tanker Stena Paris is owned by the in Stockholm publicly listed shipping company Concordia Maritime, in which Stena is the majority shareholder. The tanker was constructed in 2005 at the Brodosplit Shipyard in Croatia, and is among the safest and most economically competitive tankers in terms of transport capacity in the world. The original project between the Stena Sphere and Total was initiated by shipbroker BRS.

“Let us see Stena Paris as an important and opportune symbol for Swedish and French partnerships, and for safe maritime practices across the globe. On a personal note, this is a solemn occasion for me, and we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight maritime safety, which has always been among our most prominent driving forces,” says Dan Sten Olsson, CEO Stena AB.

The model that was donated, which is an exact replica of the original Stena Paris tanker, is now featured as part of the vast collection of modern maritime vessels at the Musée National de la Marine.

Facts about the P-MAX

The ten sister vessels are: Stena Paris, Stena Premium, Stena Polaris, Stena Performance, Stena Provence, Stena Progress, Stenar Perros, Stena President, Stena Primorsk and Stena Penguin. The tankers have a double hull, two machine rooms with full water and fire integrity, as well as two separate propulsion systems. Maneuverability and an integrated bridge layout are also critical to facilitating safe navigation in narrow channels. A significantly wider hull also provides substantial cargo flexibility and increases cargo capacity by 30 percent.

Technical data for the P-MAX tankers:

Length: 183 m, beam: 40 m, draft (design): 11.3 m, deadweight: 65,200 tons.

For further information, please contact:

Kim Ullman

CEO, Concordia Maritime AB
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Erik Hånell
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