Providing safe tanker transport

Safety work is one of the cornerstones of Concordia ­Maritime’s business. Substantial resources are invested in continuously developing vessels, procedures and crews. The goal is to prevent the risk of accidents arising and to minimise any damage if an accident should occur.

Safety work is carried out on several different levels – during the design and construction of the actual vessel and its equipment, and as part of a continuous process of identifying potential risks and dangerous operations.

  • To ensure ships and routines are of the highest quality
  • To continuously increase the safety of employees on board ships
  • Systematic risk identification
  • Behaviour Based Safety model for standardised reporting and follow-up
  • Continuous exercises and skills development
  • External controls and inspections
  • Proactive work to prevent hijackings
  • Unannounced tests and random checks as part of zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol