Concordia Maritime’s contributions to more sustainable tanker shipping

By providing efficient transportation of primarily refined oils Concordia Maritime aims to create value for customers, shareholders, employees and society at large. Sustainability matters is a completely integrated part in this work.

Concordia Maritime’s sustainability work is based on three focus areas that we consider to be the most important and where there is greatest potential for influence.

1. Providing safe tanker transport 

Concordia Maritime’s operations must be conducted in a manner that protects employees, the environment and vessels. A strong safety culture at all levels of the organisation is needed to prevent the risk of accidents and incidents. 

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2. Reducing our environmental impact

Concordia Maritime is strongly committed to reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. Continuous work to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency is conducted within the organisation and with other stakeholders.

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3. Taking responsibility for employees and society

Concordia Maritime is a responsible employer and community participant, promoting good working conditions, equality, human rights and anti-corruption.

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Principles and guidelines

A clear framework sets out the guidelines on how Concordia Maritime should act as a responsible company and employer. 

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Partnerships and collaboration

Influence is exerted by working closely with partners and other forms of collaboration.

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Monitoring and controls

A structured approach to monitoring and controls creates conditions for measuring and improving the Company’s sustainability performance.

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